Honey song (inspired by PS)

It all starts with a smile
and a spark, an invitation
of the heart
Two glasses of wine
make for a fine time
and the conversation
flows like honey flows
like love--a little sticky
but a lot of sweetness
so be cautious to its crime
music mingles in the mix
and it's up with birds
you said it was hard write a song
so I thought I'd prove you wrong
I've the memories of an amnesiac cured
who's fine pen might guide his word
and through the back door
of music and the meanings
it does intend
we stumble on the fears
we should not defend
and touch, we break its barrier
the Major Minus is the temptation
I long to carry her
into honey relation
Love is like honey
so sweet, but sticky
you have to be careful
about having some
because if you don't both continue
to share its sweetness
you'll find yourself
in a sticky mess


We are distant
to one and the sun
we run circles
to the past
and what we've done
A little discombobulated
by the lines drawn in the sand
and the hands left in the pocket
for what you don't understand
We are one
flight and wings, the wind
we are weight in the vacuum gravity
I'm as light as I want to be
and the isotope of
I am burden
magic disappearing act
You left the office light on
until I realized you never really came home
wrapped up in your polygon
right and wrong
heaven's here
...and then it's gone

Serious nonsense

I haven't fallen in love
in quite some time
Just piece together
some affection and companionship
every now and again
But I watch the way
you move and the secret joy
you keep
and the laughter that you roll out
I sense the confidence with which
you engage the world
It triggers a sense of admiration
on my part, it triggers a chord
in my heart
I watch your determination,
purpose, intention, and earnestness
It makes me wish
to peel the thin layer of superficiality
that I've so longed to shed
I watch your no-nonsense and
yet catch your growing
I like the way
you play
I choose only to be in
your space for the simple joy
it brings
And I'm curious about your
vulnerabilities... for your front
is so stalwart, but I know
we all carry our doubts
and it's only that I want to rest you assure
and confirm your bravery
I tear off my clothes and don
the potato sack
I will dance of sadness
mixed with tears of looking
I will dance with joy
for the little boy
that can't have it back
I will have to answer
on the final day
I will make amends at the gate
the love we share will have
to be reconciled to the hate
we make

one and alone

I see my ghost in the reflection
I'm searching for some
sort of protection
but the harm has been done
the day has been won
and she will come, one
one and alone
to take her seat on the throne
It may be a grey day outside
and the sun may have good
reason to hide
while I figure out whether it's
really a matter, or if it's just
my pride
Mother's gone
what have I done
to play the part
of the aching heart
She gives every drop
to that boy lost in his pop
to that girl
who loved the world
"it's no secret"
she held on to everything
she had--it's no wonder
she wasn't all too glad
to go out that way.

In other places

I don't know why I
couldn't feel in the moment
But I feel it now
Wrapped up in a blanket of
frozen suspension
Closed me off from others,
from myself, and from the one
that I love.
But despite my confused
and absent state of mind,
I pray that my physical presence
could speak to
the meaning of things--
the respect, the honor,
the commitment, the dedication,
the service, the gratitude, the history,
the forgiveness, the present spirit,
the joy, and the everyday
of my love for you.
I hope you heard it in my
scared shitless silence
I hope you hear it now
in my tear drenched pillow


I'm an optimist
because I can feel that
love is between us.
Because it's euphoric,
and because it hurts.

Two worlds

Paradise is the sound of your voice
Driving Carolina
Feeding him or he'd forget

Reaching higher for each other
You couldn't have found a better lover

There for me when I'm good,
when sick
There's something about how
you do that trick

When you take that stage
and the chorus of your voice
in a sultry rage
that connects two worlds
a pretty unique story of a boy and a girl

Build on the dream, build
on the reality

Just another jet plane
for a talk, a reunion
no two days are ever the same

Highs and lows
heaven knows

Reaching higher for each other
you couldn't have found a better lover

When our hearts are joint
it makes an exclamation point

Create, make

We have an innate spirit to create
those things we possess should serve as tools
of addition and expression
we do not let them own us, in ownership
we own them to be makers of life, art, new thought, feeling
all of those things that are wonderful about our humanity.
The accessories we don reflect our style
and the mood of our spirit
as it is in the spectrum
of time and within the incremental moment
What do you create?
A story, a song,
a sense of something good
a new experience to cherish,
a memory to relish,
a question,
a feeling of wellness and hope.
Make love,
make wholeness,
make repair,
make connection,
make meaning and self definition.
Make communication and translations.
Make joy.
Make sure...
you give thanks for all you've been granted and gifted to make.