Thanks Walter

You are with me and I will be with you always.
As the flood of blood fills my heart
Despite the distance we're apart
The emotions rise right to my eyes
And the streams of feelings run warmly down my cheeks
I think of you and feel you near
Inside my heart and with me here
The love and joy you bring
Through the silence make my ears ring
And I wish I could just hold you close
To my chest
To lay me down to rest
My heart peaks and yearns to burst
For the one my heart holds first



It's because there's something ahead
The horizon screams in sunset red
Bursting as the day has had its say
And the night promises dreams of good things to come
We all ask for inspiration
For some driver of our action
Like the first clap of a round of applause
That thunders the opening of the music hall
Like that meaningful moment
That lends pause
And we really see that sunset for its entire majestic beauty

That first step
Taken without trepidation
Launches the initial momentum to carry us forward
Into the dreamscape that had been dreamt for us
That we conspire to let take us into the wonder of this life
And beyond


Count them: Inscape

Count them
They are many
Many many many
Or have you forgotten?

You could see them so clearly
Gifts of the Father
Love of the Mother
They filled you up
With protection
Surrender to their shelter
Space to maneuver
And wriggle about in the wonders of life and all of its majesty

Those invisible hands are still ever present
Though you count solely on yourself
You miss the love they afford you
You're quiet escape into yourself
Has left you lonely and abandoned by your own hand. 
Protectionism is an island, 
which no man can inhabit

Fear and loathe not
Sip of her warm cup
Let yourself be swallowed up by her Sea
Someone please remind me
To count them

August 2012


You claim to have come for the challenge
But you stand there in proverbial hands up in defeat
Can you really say you gave it a go?
Did you fight the complacency,
Your usual routine--
Or were you just pretending to be hard and mean?

You perpetually play the victim
And you go patting yourself on the back when you assert
It doesn't come
Natural to you
To see inadequacy
Your flaws stand before you
(Invisibly, too blind to see)

Wallow you will
Swallow your pill
It's always hit or miss
A slap or a kiss
Play it down
There's no need to bring on the tears of a clown

Get moving

August 2012

Fed up

Fed u
This bloated,
Weighed down
Nasty feeling
Underwhelmed by most everything

Locked to my bed
Saying shit underneath my breath
It's all in my head

Faded colours
Pale face
Break it all
Nothing can replace
My mouth crumbles
Teeth fall
Drunken stumbles
Need a car chase
Need a crashing car chase

(Inspired by Paranoid Android - Radio Head)
August 2012


Morning glow before the rooster's crow

As sunlight sneaks in through the hotel curtain
Another day, a new place means an adventure is certain
A quick rise and refresh
a splash of water and I dress
A quick question of the concierge to ask
And the day's adventure begins with a task
He was leathered and deeply sunned, kind but unsmiling
The sort of man you could trust for more than just styling
As his hands--darting around my face without sparing a
thought--smelled distinctly of the morning's second cigarette
He cut, shaved, trimmed and groomed and even gave me his tea without regret
As the day just outside the open sidewalk barber shop got underway
The shops continued to open, school buses passed and my mind began to stray
To the beauty of informality and the flow of sounds and dust rising as people about their business go
All within the orange hue of the morning still just before the rooster's crow