Morning glow before the rooster's crow

As sunlight sneaks in through the hotel curtain
Another day, a new place means an adventure is certain
A quick rise and refresh
a splash of water and I dress
A quick question of the concierge to ask
And the day's adventure begins with a task
He was leathered and deeply sunned, kind but unsmiling
The sort of man you could trust for more than just styling
As his hands--darting around my face without sparing a
thought--smelled distinctly of the morning's second cigarette
He cut, shaved, trimmed and groomed and even gave me his tea without regret
As the day just outside the open sidewalk barber shop got underway
The shops continued to open, school buses passed and my mind began to stray
To the beauty of informality and the flow of sounds and dust rising as people about their business go
All within the orange hue of the morning still just before the rooster's crow