In Boston

You need that time away from your routine.
You need it to see that there's more, and that sometime you get caught up in what is so much less.
The fall here has been a warm blanket for my creativity.
I feel as though the plaques blocking my thinking are loosening, that the straight lines of my routines are now running in wiry veins in random directions of abstract order.
I am composing the internal letter to myself of who I want to be, who I choose to be, and who I will ultimately decided to direct myself to be.
I continue to know that I need much guidance and that there is Someone directing this, and in that I am so comforted and blessed.
In the wave of down-turning season, I find myself freeing myself from old skins and revitalizing new ways of being.
My heart beats contentedly, and I feel a confirmed soundness in my being.
There is much ahead in transition, but alas I do not sense any anxiety or fear. Only trust.
I will swim in this day, and bathe in its kindness and good offering.
I will smile and adorn all passer-bys with a greeting of awakening, of love for their unknown story, for the treasure that they possess that they may not be so focused upon.
I will find my treasure under the tree of the place I once slept;
for life is the journey of leaving home to find...