Message on the Water

Shiny surface like oil
cold and recoil
small waves, the pulse of
swarms over me in the

When the lights dance on
the water like little
Morse code

Everything hanging loosely
barely making sense
strung together by good intention,
but too much pretense

A Part of the Wholly Cool

I do,
I need to break out
from this sleep, from my skin
and float in an ethereal space
where freedom abounds and
the corruption has no place

I want to be where the cool kids are at,
the boys and girls
and everyone in between
that shine, and remind me of
what's at heart and what was
from the start.
Please allow me a taste, a morsel, a part.

On My Way

I'm nowhere near where
I ought to be
but I'm surely on my way
step one, step two
step out, step through
the maze
the daze
the grays in the sky
the new
the you
the blue in her eyes
I'm on.
The Way.

Ignorance of Love

At the end of days
will we ask ourselves if we really
ever loved one another?
Cast in doubt, the achievement
of our greatest cause. We didn't
take the time to consider if our
actions were reflections of Love.
I wouldn't own up to my mistakes;
I deliberately diminished my learning.
Stood proudly on my heap of nothing
pretending the universe spun around me
while others screamed until voices broke,
gone unheard, not acknowledged, disregarded
never afforded a sense of being or existence.
My head is laden heavy and my
heart swollen for the blatant
disregard. It debases the Love
that may be humanity's one redeeming

But the contest remains, as it's
done before and may forever remain.
I cannot be discouraged.
For it is by this very strife, that
my courage is needed.
Please give me strength in my
bone to stand, and air in my
lungs to speak, and heart in my
soul to Love the enemy--the
ignorance of Love.