Merci, Paris

Here, a little story of romantic adventure
I've fallen into heart space
the look of her lovely face
Paris, you glow
winking your flirtation
smiling your style.
In your garden I breathed air of joyeux
in your alleys I felt l'esprit du vieille ville
You're black and white with cherry lipstick
You're secret whispers in lover's ears
You are that beauty who knows she's being watched,
adored, desired
who never turns her head.
I sit up on the third floor looking out and down
the sea of arrondissements, slow moving pedestrians,
and chaotic roundabouts.
The spirit of a non-defeatest, adamant to her passions,
sultry in her affairs,
living for freedom of soul and human expression.
I want her--to be part of her
to have her blanket me in her love and liberty.

My Bed Bug Afternoon

Pile it on
loads of laundry
purging of infest furniture
itching of swollen little bites
Season is ending, season is starting
housewarming, homecoming
urban hiking, beach combing
Affirmations are unnecessary
Save your little pills for those in need
Though I miss my City and my Lebanon
I am grateful for my home sweet home
Follow me into the adventure of all the things
that I might
And don't worry if the bed bugs bite