Stage fright

She twists in discomfort
The spotlight falling on her that much more hot
The crowd's eye eager for a performance she cannot render
And the shock wave of the hurricane butterfly in her belly
Sickens her to the pit
We're waiting, we're watching
Like the perverse who will not let it go
We want what we came for
And we'll even ask for more

Dizziness diffuses
She does discomfort no justice
The light becomes her saviour
And the others vanish in the hue
Of white light
I'm alright
Not that you ever cared to know
Dizzy spell winds its way upward
To lightness of head and tremors of little hands
That adjust each quake into well trained gestures
And as she begins she wipes away all their sins
For they are
No more
No less
No longer
A mess to make right
To give sight
It's just her and her music
And the light


It's just what I do

It's just what I do
To watch you smile
In that naked sort of way
In such earnest
To see the steam
Rise in white streams into the cool air
At an outdoor cafe
In Paris

It's just what you do
To playfully don your femininity
In that graceful kind of way
In such modest assuredness
To feel the string between us tug
At our curiosity and simple wonder
In Paris

City creature

The city is a a different creature these days
Having shed her winter coat
She's almost unrecognizable to me
Though she intrigues me still

I woke to the thought of you
Smiled and got on with starting my day
While I know you are deep in slumber
I wonder what you dream about
And how all our dreams play a role in our waking lives

I have been reading a lot this week
Of civilization and the philosophers' ideas 
I hear my own hopes echo in some of their words
I am given into moments of seeing bigger pictures
Of realizing that most of what I know is still conditioned, socialized and not entirely my own pure thought 
But this inspires me to forge my own meaning

I think of you in this context
And smile