Happy 34 Billion Kilometers

I won the lottery. 37 years ago.
And each year since, its paid significant dividends.
I've done some serious mileage.
34,513,600,000 kilometers plus or minus a few.
And those are just the ones surfing this galaxy around our sun.
I've learned a thing or two. One of them being that it's just a thing or two of an endless count of possibilities.
I have dared. I have been chicken shit.
I've made lists of more things to do than I can reasonably accomplish. But I still like writing them down.
I have met you because in the scope of things, I don't think that you and me are very much unalike.
And I have yet actually to meet me because every day there's a new possible me, and a lifetime simply isn't enough time.
I may not always have direction, but I hope I always have been true to purpose.
I've failed (a lot). But I consider myself successful where I recognize my failure.
I am a practicing human being practicing being human. And that's been fun.
My time shall come to pass in this life.
My sense of peace with that shall be a measure that my time has passed well.