(Inspired by) Berlin: Die Sinfonie der Großstadt

We build
Hands of steel
Feet of stone
We are in it together
We are all alone
Make our devices
Devise our Maker
The cities we raise up from dust and muck
The order we bring to it all
Our cities, they rise and they fall
Of shiny lights
Of cobble and sand and brick
Concretenation to do the trick


Happy 34 Billion Kilometers

I won the lottery. 37 years ago.
And each year since, its paid significant dividends.
I've done some serious mileage.
34,513,600,000 kilometers plus or minus a few.
And those are just the ones surfing this galaxy around our sun.
I've learned a thing or two. One of them being that it's just a thing or two of an endless count of possibilities.
I have dared. I have been chicken shit.
I've made lists of more things to do than I can reasonably accomplish. But I still like writing them down.
I have met you because in the scope of things, I don't think that you and me are very much unalike.
And I have yet actually to meet me because every day there's a new possible me, and a lifetime simply isn't enough time.
I may not always have direction, but I hope I always have been true to purpose.
I've failed (a lot). But I consider myself successful where I recognize my failure.
I am a practicing human being practicing being human. And that's been fun.
My time shall come to pass in this life.
My sense of peace with that shall be a measure that my time has passed well.