We get into our space
Cozy up to a book with a day's rain
Do not foresake what you have
And all its majesty.
It will not always remain
The wisdom will be tempted to sway
But the stop, drop and roll
Will lift it up again

We make the most of our day
In the love we give each other
In the calm, cool and care
We wear on our sleeve
A proud badge of our confidence
No need for defenses
I am a fortress to myself
Mighty happy in my humble exuberance.

Free market of life

Have I let go of my ways
Free market of life
No longer reigned in by propriety, value system or rules of social engagement
But by free market demand and reign
The weight of thinking
The weight of responsibility
I let it go
It floats away
Like a lovely balloon
Light of helium

I may regret
But not if I drink enough
It won't stick
Or hold
Or make me feel old
I can hold a lick
By the thick
Of my mistakes and consequences

But I shouldn't let go so easily
All the wisdom they passed on


Inspired by RadiohED

Who let you out of your cage?
Oh shit, my bad
I stepped into your ring
Duck and near miss.
Every time I formulate a thought
I have to watch out for the aim of your wrecking ball
every time I try to connect the dots
you come by with your ray gun to erase my thoughts
'We will not stand for your so-called madness'
But I thought I was the voice of reason?
We will not drink of your Prozac gladness
Hurry up and pass over the flask
Kitty cat with clever claws
my ideas are in shreds by their flaws
But I thought you were the voice of treason
the devil's earworm making me squirm
Caste your eyes on High
We will not reach for your big Blue sky
Someone light some incense and start the seance
and turn the hour glass to measure the fragments of an instance
and whisper your raised hush, and raise your whispered voice
An octave high to the shattered glass
we cannot pass through this Life and other ethereal spaces
not with these thickly made up stage faces--I have an idea
Hold still for the pretty wrecking ball


No matter what you expect of me

No matter what you expect to see
There's a little spell
Of show and tell
And split image of reality

You know what it means to me
And you gotta have a feeling of how it ought to be
Coloured up in a fright
Decorated in delight
That somewhere in the mix you'll find a little harmony

It's a gift for some
Though it should be a must for all
Someone bangs the drum
Standing proud and tall

It's no matter what they want to show
What really matters is what you already know
Let's take a little speedway drive
Never mind all they contrive
We've got a much better place to go
When doubt sets in

Sparks of hope coming flying
Don't let fear win
You only insult your faith
No falsity in your emotion or state of being
It's just a matter of weathering the moment and getting past the bumpy ride
The storm can't sustain eternity, it will eventually subside.

Look onto your horizon
And know without a doubt
That you'll reach the other promised side

Thank You for this day
Thankful for this day
Sprinkled with relief and comfort
Settled by reassurance, though I should never have doubted.